Dear AuctionHelper member:

Since AuctionHelper started charging fees we have maintained the same prices. This has not been easy. Since 1999 we have spent over $500,000 in hardware and software upgrades, development on our new site, our Lynxx products, and eBay’s API program. These expenses were paid for from our profits rather than outside investments or raising our fees.

We currently have a long list of product upgrades on the drawing board that we want to develop. These tools will increase efficiency for your business, save you even more time, and increase your sales. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of “smart technology” and the debut of MiniLynxx. Unfortunately, our current pricing model does not allow the additional revenue required to staff the developers needed to create and launch these new products over the coming months.

Effective March 1st, 2003 we will be increasing our maximum fee from $ .70 to $1.50 per item sold. The majority of users will only see a small increase in their total AuctionHelper fees. The price increase only affects items that sell for more than $46.67. For those sellers who primarily deal in high-dollar items taking full advantage of our AuctionLynxx toolset can increase your sales and more than offset the fees. While the overall increase will be small for most users, the rate change will allow us to hire new developers and create new features more quickly.

AuctionHelper will also have to start charging a fee for the use of PictureLynxx. We have spent considerable resources to develop PictureLynxx and our monthly bandwidth and hosting costs have increased significantly as a result of offering the tool free of charge. The fee schedule fairly offsets these extra costs. AuctionLynxx itself will remain free. PictureLynxx will more than pay for itself through the additional bids that you will receive. PictureLynxx will be priced as follows for all items listed after March 1st:
  • List 0 - 200 items for $4.95 per month
  • List 201 - 500 items for $14.95 per month
  • List 501 - 1000 items for $24.95 per month
  • Each additional 100 items listed will cost $2.40. Please contact if you are interested in listing more than 5,000 items per month with PictureLynxx

    On March 1st, anyone using PictureLynxx will be asked whether they wish to continue using the tool. PictureLynxx will remain free of charge for all items listed throughout February.

    Please feel free to contact us at 818.597.3444, or email us at

    Thank you and good luck with your sales,

    The AuctionHelper Team