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The Business Challenge: How do you take a national game show that is hosted by actor and comedian Todd Newton located at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, air it all over the country in states that participate in The Powerball Lottery and incorporate a complete plasma display solution that will satisfy the growing demand from the entertainment industry?

The envisionTEK Solution:
I am Associate Producer of “Powerball Instant Millionaire” - a TV game show based on the Powerball Multi-state Lottery. The show is taped at the showroom of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and broadcast throughout the country. Plasma screen monitors are integral to the show’s set design and game play. It is in this area that envisionTEK made my job a lot easier.

Though I stumbled upon envisionTEK by chance, I will continue to use their services by choice. My initial goal in finding plasma screens was to find the best price out there. envisionTEK had everyone else beat from the start. And though the price was important, it was the quality of service that ultimately relieved me from the need to ever shop around again. It was so nice to talk to a person and not punch a bunch of telephone keypad numbers just to be put on hold for 20 minutes.

envisionTEK routinely had the products I needed. And if they didn’t, I was always given a list of comparable alternate choices. The responses to questions were prompt and accurate and delivery was always timely. In one instance where an order had to be expedited, envisionTEK worked diligently to locate, process, and deliver the product in the fastest possible time.

As I am responsible for many different areas of our television show’s production, I deal with many different companies. It was a pleasure and relief to find a company like envisionTEK to fulfill our plasma screen needs. They are both personal and professional. And that’s why I will call on them again and again.

Stewart Television


Plasmas in Entertainment
Plasmas are at the leading edge of display technology. With vivid colors and futuristic designs, professional presenters have known for quite sometime that plasma displays engage audiences, increase professionalism and create an air of excitement. As you probably have noticed recently, the entertainment industry has begun capitalizing on the wide appeal of this technology by adding multiple displays to their productions. An example of this growing demand from the entertainment industry is the Powerball Instant Millionaire game. When the producers were developing the show they considered many different mediums of presenting their game-play and logo, but once they contacted Cory Boatright of envisionTEK and he was able to demonstrate the plasma’s powerful imagery and futuristic appeal, the shows producers knew that the plasmas would compliment the shows excitement and progressive nature. The Powerball Instant Millionaire set contains an array of NEC 61MP1’s, 50MP1’s and 42MP3’s. The producers are so pleased iith how the plasmas have enhanced the show that they are considering adding them to future network development.

  The Business Challenge: How do you create a full visual conference room experience using plasma technology and digital alternatives?

The envisionTEK Solution:
The complexity of using visual aid for business conference opportunities is steadily growing in demand. Clabofex Ventures LLC chose envisionTEK for there plasma display products integrating NEC 50MP1 and NEC 42MP3 models to be the vehicle of choice for the Internet broadcast signal and other data feed applications. …but why did Clabofex Ventures LLC choose envisionTEK?

Dear envisionTEK,
I just wanted to again “Thank You” for the over-all excellent transaction experience we had with you. Your service and understanding for our business requirements, coupled with excellent shipping and delivery of the plasma monitors, indicate to me envisionTEK’s commitment to quality and thoughtfulness, particularly in these big-ticket items where doubt is so readily available.

I will definitely recommend envisionTEK for a top plasma product resource company!

Clabofex Ventures LLC
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