Dear Customers,
It is VERY important that you completely read this entire email! We have great news for all of you and your friends. You can now earn AuctionHelper points and use them as Cash. This sample text is just showing the optional methods of making the simple text look nice.

New AuctionLynxx Customers!

Very easy and simple to make text look Great in emails. Make sure to include a few paragraphs and bold or change the color of important words that you want to stand out. If you look at the paragraph above, you will notice the words Very, AuctionHelper, and Cash are easy to read and are often the first words the customer see.

Making text stand out from the rest of the paragraph can easily be accomplished by adding any of the following tags.
<font color="#C00000">Maroon</font>
<font color="Red">Red</font>

Thank you for taking the time to read my description. Make sure to visit your local AuctionHelper store near you.