1954 Topps Rack Pack 
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Wow ! The first ever 1954 topps baseball rack pack to hit the market. This is beyond awesome!

I have seen a total of five 1954 topps baseball wax packs in the past 15 years. This is the first ever 1954 rack ever offered and who knows how much it will go for. There are 12 cards total which is equal to exactly two 1954 topps wax packs. A 1954 topps wax pack recently sold for over 3,000.00 and there is no comparision to this pack in terms of rarity.

Every card in this set is possible: Hank Aaron Rookie, Ted Williams, etc. Opportunities like these come along once every blue moon, here is a collectable that will be the corner stone of any unopened pack collection. Good luck.!


Afriend of mine called me and said there is a possible large unopened find of older Topps baseball rack packs from 1954-1962. My first thought was "ya right!"

Most of the time you hear about possible great finds and they turn out to be a lot of hot air. This deal was real and it is like I've discovered buried treasure! I've now been in this business-hobby for fifteen years and have advertised the entire time to buy any and all older unopened material I can find. The fact is simple, there is very little of it out there. For the little that is found, most people love to open the packs, so that makes what little comes to market, disappear. Thus, unopened material is always getting scarcer everyday as people continue to open the supply. In the fifteen years I have been searching for quality older unopened, anything before 1970 is very tough. Now, the 1960's are very, very tough for all sports. And the 1950's are just about impossible.

I still have never seen a legitimate 1953 topps 5 cent baseball wax pack. The wrapper alone for this super rare pack sells for around 1000.00 if you can find one. That is just the wrapper ! If a pack was ever found, it could sell for 10,000.00 easily. What has happened in the past few years is the grading of cards has brought on record prices for mint and gem mint cards. Vintage unopened packs have become even more sought after and have easily doubled in price for just about anything pre 1970. For example, a 1960 baseball wax pack was once advertised in Sports collectors digest every so often for 150.00-200.00. Now, you are lucky to see a pack offered every 3-6 months and they sell in the 300.00-400.00 range depending on the series. I have seen wax packs from the 1960's from the Mantle series sell for 500.00 and up, and these contain 5 cards.

Now onto the "Major Find". I would consider this among the greatest unopened finds in the history of the hobby. In terms of rarity, these packs have NEVER EVER been seen, that is incredible ! I have a 1954 Topps rack pack with a Al Kaline rookie on the front, it could be the only one in existance ! I have a 1954 rack pack with a Ted Williams on the front, is there another anywhere ? I would doubt it !

There is also a rack pack with a Ernie Banks on the front. These packs may never be seen again once they find the homes of serious collectors. I have a 1955 topps rack pack with a Sandy Koufax rookie on the back ! There are a few different racks with Mickey Mantles showing on the front. They are 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961 !!! These will sell for insane prices. Does anyone in the world have a 1956 rack pack with a Mantle on the front ? There are fifty or more Honus Wagner tobacco rookies out there, this could be the only 1956 rack pack with a Mantle on the top in existance! There are also some other super cool packs like a 1959 rack pack with two Al Kalines on the front. There is a 1957 rack pack with a Mays and Snider on the front. The cool thing about these racks is they were made by a packing company at the end of the year who bought out Topps inventory. They are called Christmas racks since they have a Santa Claus header card at the top of each rack and the cellophane shows Christmas wreaths on the back and says "seasons greetings". My employee, Leighton Sheldon says his dad remembers these being sold during the holidays back in the 1950's and early 1960's. Each rack contains 12 cards total and since they were not packed directly at Topps, some cards show some minor handling, but mint cards are not out of the question. Another quality which I love about these packs is that every card in the set is possible. That means you can get Mantles in every rack pack from 1956 on up. You can find a Hank Aaron rookie in a 1954 rack pack along with Banks and Kaline rookies too.

Wax packs before 1974 came in series. If you bought a wax pack from 1960 for example and it was the 1st series, only cards 1-110 would be possible. The Yaz rookie would be the best card possible from that wax pack. With these rack packs, you have a chance to get everyone in the set, I love that ! Anyone who wants to be like a kid again will love the chance to find every card in the set. That is a rarity that no other packs from Topps baseball offer pre 1974. (These are the only ones.) Another great quality about these racks is that they are direct from a former Topps employee. With the amount of stars showing on the racks, you can see they are not searched in any way. He kept the best till last as 40-50% have some kind of star showing which is awesome ! There are roughly 20-30 racks from each year and with some of my best customers, I know this amount will quickly sell out.

I am going to auction the best racks on ebay coming up soon. I have no idea what a 1954 rack pack with a Ted Williams on top would sell for, or a 1956 rack pack with a Mickey Mantle on top would bring. I will advertise the ebay item numbers for these incredible racks coming up in my regular future Sports collectors digest ads. For collectors, these rack packs rank up there with the rarest of all unopened material. Once they are gone, you may never see them for sale again. Good Luck !

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